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Kathal Movie Review: A Jackfruit Mystery – Here are 3 reasons to watch it

Two priced Uncle Hong jackfruits goes missing in MLA Pateria's house. Will the police led by Mahima find them before they are ripen?

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway Review: Heart Warming Tale of a Mother’s Victory Against a Nation

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is a heart warming tale of a mother and her fight to get her children back against a big nation. With all its emotions, lessons and honesty, it clearly shows that truth alone triumphs.

A Tourist’s Guide To Love Movie Review: Fall in love in Vietnam

A Tourist's Guide To Love Movie Review - Romance movies which take place in international destinations have a special place on the 'moments to relive' in a romance story lover's list. The promise of an adventure, new experiences, the...

One More Time Netflix Review: Let’s go back to the Y2K era

One More Time Netflix Review - Life is what you make of it, life is what you believe. Sometimes in life it happens that you make certain mistakes in the past, which you regret making. There is no going...

Queens on the Run Review: A chick-lit movie you didn’t know you wanted

Queens on the Run Review - There is romance, there is a comedy, there is a slice of life and then there is chick-lit. A movie you don't wanna miss watching. Click the link to read the full review.

Kill Boksoon Review: A stunning tale of morals and murder

Kill Boksoon is a South Korean action film starring Jeon Do Yeon as the titular lead. The movie premiered on Netflix on March 31, 2023. Click the link to read the full review.

Luther Movie Review: The Fallen Sun – Idris Elba Rises Again as John Luther

Luther Movie Review - The human psyche is a wonderful thing. It has been decades since studies and research began on the human mind, and yet it does not stop from dropping surprises - good or bad ones. There...

Dear David Review – Of Love, Lust, and Teenage Angst

'Dear David' is an Indonesian teenage coming of age film starring Shenina Cinnamon and Emir Mahira in lead roles. The movie was released on Netflix on February 9, 2023.

A Todas Partes Review (All The Places Review) – A Tale of Estranged but Strong Sibling Bond

All the places review - 'A Todas Partes' aka 'All the Places' is a Spanish comedy road trip film about two estranged siblings connecting after 15 years. Click the link to read more.

Stromboli Movie Review – Discover Yourself and Face Your Fear

Stromboli Movie Review - 'Stromboli' is a movie about a woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The movie stars Elise Schaap in the lead. Click the link to read our full review.
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World Environment Day – 3 Sites you can get your Garden Supplies and Gifts

World Environment Day is just around the corner and Just A Library's vision is to help promote our readers engage in saving and protecting our environment. Click the link below to read in detail.
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