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5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own


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5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own – You heard it, right ladies. Footwear!!!!! If you ask me what do you love the most about your body, I would say my feet. Mostly because feet don’t gain weight😁. I believe this would be the case with most people. Any look or outfit is never complete without the right footwear. These also have the ability to ramp up or down your looks based on your choices.

But possessing N number of footwears may not be possible both economically and logistically (like me). Hunting for the right footwear for every occasion/ outfit can be painstaking for both your pocket and legs. Instead, if you have this 5 must-have footwear, you can offset those pains. Any last-minute occasions, any outfit, these 5 types of footwear got you covered.

5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own

1. White Sneakers

Everybody loves to make their own fashion statements and nothing works better than white sneakers. They are the easiest and safest option available. These shoes go well with any color outfits and any occasion. Not to mention the comfort of walking in sneakers😍. White sneakers have such popularity that even brides nowadays choose to walk down the aisle comfortably in white sneakers.

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2. High Heels

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There is no beauty without pain and heels are the perfect examples of this. It is quite painful and difficult to walk in stilettoes, but sometimes perfect pair of heels does the work. If you are interested in an elegant top-notch look, then high heels are your best buddies. High Heels may not only hurt your feet but also your pocket. Hence, it would be wise to choose plain or nude shades of heels like a Black, Vanilla, Beige shades, or simply the golden bling ones.

high heels women
5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own

There are hundreds of high heel options available in the market to choose from. If you are a comfort person but love being a chic occasionally or for, say a long event, I suggest you choose the height of your heels accordingly. Always go for heels you are damn confident about.

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3. Ballet Flats

These are ballerina-inspired flat shoes. Yep, flat as a pancake. For ladies who prefer a (less painful😋) chic look, ballet flats will make your day. These shoes come in handy especially when you have to walk a lot. Remember those long strides of the window shopping in the malls. Yes, that’s when ballerina shoes are your “toe-savers”.

Ballet flats women
5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own

4. Flip Flops

Flip flops are more than just footwear. They make a personality statement about the person wearing it as well. How many of you love going out in flip flops no matter what the occasion is or where you are going? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ The best part of the flip flop slippers is you can wear it in any weather conditions. A good pair of flip flop slippers can last for years! No matter how many footwears you have, how cheap/costly ones you have, you always need a pair of flip flops on a beach or a rainy day.

Flip flops women
5 Essentials Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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5. Formal Shoes

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Last but not the least, a good pair of formal shoes. Yeh, ’cause we need to flaunt our office wears in style and elegance 😎. Loafers or black pumps would be the best choice of formal footwear. One good thing about loafers or black pumps is they can be worn to the office as well as on other occasions.

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