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Parasite Movie Review – Is the movie OVERRATED?


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Parasite Movie ReviewIs the movie Parasite OVERRATED? Are you someone who watched Parasite after hearing about it stealing all the awards at the Oscars? Or did you get peer pressured into watching it after the endless updates on the ‘gram by your friends? I bet, some watched it after Vijay-Na fans started bashing it for copying the story from “Minsara Kanna” (Whatever happened to the lawsuit on the producers though?). Or were you smart enough to wait it out and watch it on Prime? Okay, whenever you watched it if you thought to yourself “Um, Did I just miss something or is it overrated?” we’d like to assure you that you didn’t miss anything out and we’re gonna validate that claim! 

Parasite Movie ReviewDid it really win 4 Oscars!?

Parasite made history, by being the first foreign-language film to win the “Best Picture”, along with 3 other awards for “Best Direction”, “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best Foreign Film”.

We have little to no doubt that it deserved the Foreign film category, but Best Picture? Believe it or not, it overtook some gems like “1917” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Times like these make you wonder if they won due to “Asian” inclusion in the “diversity” plan of the Academy Awards. I’m sure there are at least a hundred better Asian movies! Let’s compare this to A.R. Rahman winning Oscars for “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire. No doubt that was a good song, but, have these people heard his work from Jodha Akbar or Kandukonden Kandukonden or Roja

oscars parasite
Parasite Movie Review - Is the movie OVERRATED?


  • Are Rich people dumb or is it just the Parks?
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They literally hired 4 people they just met, to work in their home, with their children, with absolutely no background checks! They even got them to fire the staff that’s been working with them for decades! Also, they randomly smell Mr.Kim in their living room one night! And the teen daughter hears Ki-Woo’s notification tone! And NOTHING!? I was just waiting to check at what point their brains would start working and connect the dots!

msg ping
  • Nicest Looking Poor Kims

Throughout the movie, the Kims have been shown as poor people, living in a small and suffocating house, with uneducated parents and no proper access to the internet and not being able to afford a bug spray. Surprisingly, they were just as good looking and well dressed as the Parks. They were so well-groomed in the nice clothes they own and their on-point salon hair, and subtle makeup on their almost flawless skin! We understand they were trying to blend in, but umm, where did the money come from? 

best looking kim
Parasite Movie Review - Is the movie OVERRATED?
  • Faulty CCTVs

In the movie, where Kim Ki-Taek tries to escape right after committing cold-blooded murder, runs away from the house onto the road, and then “Vanishes into thin air” until the suspense was broken at the very end of the movie. We clearly see a CCTV stationed at the neighbor’s house with the perfect angle to capture him walking back into the garage. So, where did that footage go? Or was it conveniently faulty?

Parasite Movie Review - Is the movie OVERRATED?
  • Meaning of  “Parasite”

According to Google, a parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients and ends up harming the host. Isn’t this exactly what happened in the movie? Then why justify the actions and murders of Kims by calling it as the wrath of the divide between classes? The Kims conned an innocent family and enter into their home. They take away the jobs AND LIVES of other innocent poor people (Now it’s conveniently “Survival instinct” and no more “Social Divide” isn’t it?)

kim family
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Why do the makers get us to root for the Kims, when all they’ve done is harm others? In my opinion, portrayal or stereotyping rich people to be snooty and highly intolerant, and having them murdered for not being able to tolerate foul odour, will only further widen the so-called “Class – Divide”.

Hidden Meanings

Speaking of how people interpreted Class-Division to be reason enough to go around killing, there are some people that could point to a metaphor in every small little object shown in the background. After hearing “If you didn’t understand what the stone that Ki-Woo carries with him means, then you didn’t understand what the movie meant!” I decided to watch some decoding videos which had 1M+ views (Thank you, 1M people, for making me feel not alone).

Parasite Movie Review - Is the movie OVERRATED?
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One YouTuber said, the stone is so significant because it represents Ki-Woo himself, while another said, the stone is the actual ‘Parasite’ of the movie. Another bizarre theory I heard was how the ‘smell’ of the poor people(which surprisingly only Mr.Kim had) was guilt that somehow never left him for cheating his owners (Can Guilt of cheating someone also makes you kill them?)


And, we seriously need to make a poll to know people’s interpretation of the ending, just to know how many people didn’t understand, Ki-Woo actually didn’t get rich and buy the house!! Sorry if you were believing this version, until now!

Now, all this being discussed, there’s no doubt that Parasite is technically brilliant and seamlessly edited and directed! It definitely deserves the awards it has gotten for direction and screenplay, but it wasn’t quite the groundbreaking cinematic experience you’d expect after hearing rave reviews. So yes, it’s a bit overrated.

Let us know what you think, in the comments section!

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  1. Dear Sandhyaa Ravi your write up for the parasite film is excellent. I have not seen the film yet. From your writeup I feel the film is overrated. For winning award a lot counts. the film may have scored on other grounds too. Rk.

  2. I decided to watch the movie this morning before reading the review.After watching for half-an-hour,I switched off my TV .The movie somehow did not appeal to me.
    Instead of the rave reviews one gets to read usually about award winning movies, this review by Ms.Sandhya has dared to be bold and laid bare the flaws in it.Congrats on making an honest attempt of the job.

  3. I agree on the award. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie but take Korean films itself there are so many wonderful movies that have never received the limelight it received! However one point on the CCTV, when the old house aid comes at night they do show that the CCTV was cut, in one rainy frame, so maybe that’s why the CCTV wasn’t helpful. I think they mention it in the ending narration too. Btw did you know that the Kim family home and that entire neighbourhood is a set kind of like a bucket to create this heavy rain fall ?

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