Who we are

We are a bunch of crazy 90’s kids, who like everyone else, believed that engineering was gonna give us a bright career. Later did we realize that we all have such varied passions in life. Caught in the stress loop of the IT job, we bonded over our common interests and emotions.

Love for GOT, traveling, technology, automobile, food, series, photography, and music gave birth to the bloggers in us. Scroll down to get to know us better!!

Paul Lloyd

Paul Lloyd

The innocent-looking Johnny Bravo of our gang. A silent character who enjoys creating and sharing memes; now into blogging. A bachelor, despite being the perfect example of a Gentleman.


Nivetha Vijayakumar

Unlike the original blind Dora, she is a photoholic who sees the world through her camera. An excellent chef who is fit as a fiddle.


Ceeliya Varghese

The badass Buttercup of this PowerPuff Team. Loves sleep and dance equally; hence, the perfect example of a lazy enthusiast. A fitness freak who turned into an amateur foodie post joining this gang.


Sandhyaa Ravi

The energetic and hyperactive Dee Dee of our squad, who is also the most used meme material by our Johnny Bravo. An aspiring model who can set the Guinness World Record for changing infinite poses within seconds.

Ajay Paul

Ajay Paul

Just A Library’s smartass Professor Utonium. A crazy shopaholic who owns an endless collection of shoes and shirts. A true foodie addicted to biryani, sweets, and momos. That mature yet occasionally childish guy of our pack.

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