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Thank you for your interest in Just A Library‘s author programs. If you’re new here, the objective of Just A Library is to serve as a library for everything from entertainment to business to lifestyle to food to technology. However, we believe that a library should not only be for the people, but also by the people. And that’s why the author programs are here for you!!

Why Write For Us?

If you enjoy writing and would like to share your thoughts, reviews, or even recipes with others while earning some extra money, you’ve come to the right place! Join us and leave the trouble of website creation, upkeep, and other security issues to our experts.

Who Can Join Us?

Anyone who wants to write or share their voices with the public can join in our author programs. Looking for more specifics?

  1. A personal essay about a meaningful experience in your life
  2. An in-depth analysis of a current issue or news event
  3. A travel guide to a city or country you have visited
  4. A review of a book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed
  5. A tutorial or how-to guide on a topic you are knowledgeable about
  6. An opinion piece on a controversial subject
  7. A profile of an interesting person you admire
  8. A list of tips or recommendations on any particular topic
  9. A recipe for a dish you like to cook
  10. A reflection on a social or cultural phenomenon.
  11. Anyone who owns a small blog and wants to promote their blog can join.
  12. And the list goes on and on!!

How Does This Work?

Guest Author Program

  1. Please read the terms and conditions here and fill the sign-up form here.
  1. After you sign up under the program, you will receive a welcome email with a set of instructions to follow when writing a guest post.
  2. When you are ready, give us the topic you intend to write about, and a member of our staff will approve or provide some suggestions, etc.
  3. After we choose the topic, you can finish writing the content in a word document, email us with the high-quality images requires for the post.
  4. Needless to mention, the post must be unique and not copied or published elsewhere. You must not employ artificial intelligence tools to write the posts. We perform plagiarism and AI detection checks on all. If we find any such malpractice, you will be immediately removed from the program.
  5. The post must be at least 800 words long, written in appropriate English, and free of grammatical errors. Please refer our other posts to get an idea of the post formats, etc. 
  6. Once the post meet the standard requirements, it will be published on our website and you will be notified on the same.
  7. Please read the guidelines as well as the terms and conditions. Failure to do so will be considered seriously, and you will be immediately removed from the program.
  8. Under the guest author program, you will not be compensated for your articles. However, this programme grants you access to our JAL author programme, where you will start getting paid for your contributions.

JAL Author Program

Once we are satisfied with the quality, consistency, SEO, and writing style of your work, you will be personally invited to this program by a member of the JAL team. Your transition from Guest Author to JAL Author will happen after two to five unpaid posts under the guest author program, though it may occur sooner or later.

The payments for each category are listed below.

  1. For Current Affairs/Trending News – 150 INR
  2. For Business posts – 200 INR
  3. For Food (Recipes) – 150 INR
  4. For Lifestyle (Beauty product reviews, Fashion, DIY) – 250 INR
  5. For Technology (Tech Product Reviews, Top 5’s) – 200 INR
  6. For Health & Well-being posts – 150 INR
  7. For Entertainment (Movie/Series/Anime/ Reviews, Top 10’s, Movies Like) – 250 INR
  8. For Automobile posts – 150 INR
  9. For Sports Posts – 150 INR

This is the usual pay rate for all JAL Authors. However, we will review the pay based on each author’s post performance and change accordingly.

Your post will be marked as eligible for the payment only if your post gets 200+ views in 90days. Below are some guidelines you must follow to work with us. You will notified on the views of all your published posts on a bi-weekly basis.

JAL Referral Program

Fancy 100 INR more? You can earn 100 INR for each person you refer when they successfully completes their guest author journey and publish their first article under the JAL author program.

Below are the guidelines you must follow for the JAL Author Program.

  1. All the above terms and conditions mentioned under the guest author program will be applicable here as well.
  2. You will get paid by end of every month for all the posts you’ve written and marked as eligible in that month.

If you still have any queries regarding the programs, please reach out to Just A Library’s instagram handle or info@justalibrary.com

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